Trait-Scoring Rubric

Review the traits the judges will use to score valid applications. Scores will be normalized for fairness.

Does the proposal effectively integrate research, policy, and practice?

The team is aware and focused on the many interrelated issues of research, policy, and practice required to succeed. Plan draws on a range of disciplines to improve the overall impact.

Are the projected benefits big and bold enough to warrant further investment?

Modest improvement for the target community. Removes some barriers to connectivity but leaves key challenges in place. Projected impact is verifiable with a sufficient plan to track success.

Is the proposed plan and budget realistic both in its initialization and continuing operation?

Offers a qualified team with consistent commitment to this work and an ability to collaborate with the targeted community. Has a realistic plan to deliver results that will sustain over time.

Will the proposal attract participation from inside/outside the target community?

Recognizes the interests of community stakeholders to engage their support. Draws on a diverse, equitable, and inclusive understanding of community needs. The plan is relevant to key constituents.

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